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  • Download the route files to your device and open them in your preferred navigation app. There are many (free) navigation apps available that display GPX- and KML-files. We recommend Calimoto for GPX-files and Maps.me for KML-files. Please consult the help page of your preferred app for instructions on how to load the files into your app.

    The Calimoto app can be downloaded for free, but you will need to buy a subscription for full coverage of all the routes in this book. You receive 1 area free of charge. Routes 1-2 are in one Calimoto area and route 3-14 are in another. When you install Calimoto, be sure to select the correct area as your single ‘free-of-charge area’. Routes 3-14 are in the area called ‘Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland’.

    PS: Depending on device the files might open as text. The text needs to be saved in the correct format for it to be used inside an app.

    Please note that the routes are copyrighted by Forlaget 360 ApS / 360 NÜRBURG. It is not permitted to share, copy, or modify the routes, expect with the explicit written permission from Forlaget 360 ApS.


    Route 1 GPX KML
    Route 2 GPX KML
    Route 3 GPX KML
    Route 4 GPX KML
    Route 5 GPX KML
    Route 6 GPX KML
    Route 7 GPX KML
    Route 8 GPX KML
    Route 9 GPX KML
    Route 10 GPX KML
    Route 11 GPX KML
    Route 12 GPX KML
    Route 13 GPX KML
    Route 14 GPX KML
    Route Bonus GPX KML